ICF Concrete: Building Efficiency, One Wall at a Time

Discover the future of energy-efficient construction with RMC-ICF, our innovative Insulated Concrete Form mix designed to take your projects to new heights of sustainability and comfort. With three tiers of R-value improvements, RMC-ICF ensures superior insulation, structural integrity, and eco-conscious building practices.


Lightweight - Structural - Sustainable.

RMC-Aero, a groundbreaking lightweight, structural concrete engineered to redefine the way you build. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has led to the creation of a product that combines strength, versatility, and environmental responsibility.


Concrete with a Green Heart: Building Tomorrow, Sustaining Today.

At RMC Ready-Mix, we believe in building a sustainable future, one concrete pour at a time. With the launch of RMC-02, we're excited to offer a range of concrete solutions that not only meet your construction needs but also help you reduce your carbon footprint. Choose from three distinct offerings, each with increasing carbon reductions, and join us in the mission to create a greener, more sustainable world.


Colours in Concrete.

ColoTech is a collection of coloured concretes in a broad palette of tones. Soft or bright, natural or intense, ColoTech allows you to create colourful designs with concrete as never before. And because the concrete is coloured throughout, it will never fade or wear away.


There’s FlowTech. Then There’s Everything Else.

We designed FlowTech from the beginning to offer maximum strength at a lower water to cement ratio. With a highly flowable design, FlowTech is faster to pump and place while offering a superior finish and reduced shrinkage cracking.


Stop Cracks Before They Start.

From slabs, driveways and sidewalks, to pool decks and patios, today’s construction projects include more concrete features than ever. For these applications and others, trust our FiberTech – it’s an easier, safer way than steel reinforced slabs.


Our mission is to provide you with best quality concrete and reliable services.


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